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What is the Virtual Adult Hub all about ?

As explained by the management of the Adult Hub

Adult Hub aims to provide inclusive, sane, well presented information on, and support for, any and all activities deemed adult and within Terms of Service on the InWorldz grid.

The Adult Hub is the place to which new residents who express an interest in engaging in adult activities can be redirected to after utilising IDI’s (welcome area) services.

The Hub is also the place older residents can go to get Adult related info in an unbiased, inclusive environment – a one stop shop for information, training or LMs to suitable stores etc.

The Hub is manned by volunteers with experience in one or more of: Combat Role Play, cyber sex, sexual Role Play or BDSM.

No active soliciting is allowed on the Hub – there are advertising boards for everyone which enable escorts, sex clubs etc to advertise their services without those services being present on the Hub itself.

The Adult Hub management team is looking for:

_ adult themed club owners;
_ adult themed role play groups and providers of various adult themed services
_ creators of adult items (specialist RP apparel*, weapons, sex furniture, tools, attachments, body parts, violent or graphic tattoos)
to advertise their products and services and to display adult rated demonstration items at the Hub’s Freebie Market.
If you, or someone you know falls into any of these categories – please let them know to contact Quadrapop Tree or Ravena Decuir for information.
*Specialist apparel means clothing items that could not be displayed at Inworldz Desert Island Freebie shops. eg removable clothing i.e stripping, weapons belts etc it does NOT include lingerie or normal day to day clothing (incl latex).

The Adult Hub managers are also looking for
_ experienced persons who would like to help new residents (and not so new residents) find what they need in the way of adult items, service or support
_ also trainers who can provide experience in building, scripting, emoting, role play techniques of all kinds, RLV, D/s activities, or anything a new resident might need to know to get set up in InWorldz.
If you, or someone you know, would like to apply – please contact Quadrapop Tree or Ravena Decuir for information.
Spaces on the Adult Hub
– Greeting area
a central space where all will be directed – with obvious pathways to other areas of the Hub, online indicators for management and volunteers, Teleports to other Hub areas, and also some method of supplying feedback

– Workshop space
we plan on holding workshops on everything; building, using scripted items, IW relationships, RP, D/s relationships, whatever there is a call for.
so if you want to learn something specific or are experienced at teaching in any adult themed activities please contact the management team

– The Stalls Freebie Market
freebie shop area run along same lines as the Inworldz Desert Island freebie shops – on Adult Hub anything of an adult nature can be given away free – full versions, not just demos (though you may rez demos of furniture etc if you successfully apply for one of the Stalls) – no selling of items allowed on sim – 0 izzies transactions ok

– Advertising Panels
free for all creators of and suppliers of adult services to utilise – these are in the form of posters into which an advert texture, NC and LM can be placed by the advertiser
The advertising boards are set up to keep the supplied info for 3 months for free, with a reminder sent to advertisers to reactivate or update the info before the time expires.

– Support Group and Sim-sized communities’ advertising space
available via application to Hub management – for adult related groups and RP communities to put on a small display or to have a small hangout – prims will be limited, but enough for a small building or gathering space to supply information and/or support
This will be accessed via info panels and TPs in the Gallery building. RP groups and other support groups can also advertise in the Services advertising area of The Stalls.

– display and trial spaces away from main landing area
(probably high in the sim volume) where various adult activities can be demonstrated and new to VW residents can be educated in how to work scripted items.
Entry Via TPs in the Gallery Building

– Adult Hub Gallery
an exhibition space where creators can apply to have their best or latest items displayed – this will be a curated space with rotating displays of everything from original erotic art, to HUDs, furniture etc
The Gallery – downstairs from the Gallery & library Landing point

Adult Hub Management Team
Adult Hub management team have a number of years experience in sim management in SL and IW.
Introducing the Adult Hub Managment Team (and time zone):
Ravena Decuir – GMT – Main Contact – estate manager, mentor, D/s Trainer (RL and online)
quadrapop Tree – GMT +8 – Main Contact – estate manager, builder, artist
Flindersia Fournieri – GMT – role play, D/s mentor
wendi zenovka – GMT-7 / IWT – tutor, builder
tom Joyce (sim owner)

Calling all would-be tutors
The team plans to enlist a number of other volunteers in helping to run the Hub.
If you have tutor experience  or welcome hub greeting and are looking for an Adult rated place to hangout please contact either Quadrapop Tree or Ravena Decuir.

Adult Hub Group
The Adult Hub IW group (inworldz:///app/group/ce39b352-71a8-4b01-b7ad-cc7bdf57eda8/about or ) is the land group that is used to manage the sim, it will also be used for general information and creator networking. To join please visit the Adult Hub main landing area and touch the Group Joiner (found under the Events Board).