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I loved testing the vehicle physics in InWorldz beta grid, I was like a goofy kid in a sweet shop. Unfortunately my driving does the physics engine no justice. I am a rubbish driver in real life and equally rubbish in virtual life.

Oh physics! Why hast thou forsaken me!      <—- ok erm this is virtual worlds so I had to inject some drama. I’m no drama Llama just a zilly zebra.

Also I hope the founders don’t read this but I kinda littered the beta grid with vehicles donated to me by Chopper Gurbux and Tracer Ping.

When physics hit the main grid, Imma def get my custom motorbike from Chopper Gurbux at his Underworld sim. I can’t wait!

Another thing… I dunno if it’s my naff driving but the vehicles kinda feel over-sensitive. Hope more folks test this out.

Anyhoo here are my videos of  bad driving……..