A bit like emancipation but for zebras folks πŸ™‚ This blog is for my Zeoples!

Where do I start, well I’d just like to say we need more zebra folks or other creature folks in virtual worlds, there’s just too many hoomanz!

Hoomanziz all they want to blog about is fashunziz. I haz stripes and they iz black and white. That’s as fashionables as I’m gonna get.

You know what is out of this world ?

A spotted zebra!

Hmmm tempted to make a skin now.

You know here’s a thing… nature can be a cruel mistress……

Like Africa – all golden and stuff and all these beautiful coloured animulz right. Wrong! ZTF! Why the heck are we in monochrome!!!! All the beautiful colours under the sun and we are black & white like as if nature ran out of paint!

Seriously, mother nature gonna be put in a choke-hold when I get near her! Imma zeff her right up!!!!

As you know I do this for my Zeoples! I would just like to say zebras have contributed to the world immensely, first of all, how would you guys walk safely across the road without a zebra crossing! The other major contribution we made to the world was black and white TV’s – yeah that’s right we was the inspiration behind it, just sayin’. Oh and the chessboard – haters will hate πŸ™‚

Oh and I nearly forgot, our Zictionary has contributed towards the English language too, for example ZOMG! That’s like OMG! times by a zillion.

Newsflash right here …. I’m setting up a tech company called Zapple and major releases will be the Zi-Pad, Zi-Pod and the Z-Mac. The Z-Mac will be running on Zindows. At the moment everything is on zeta-testing. So when ready be there or be a zquare. Imma be a Zillionaiire!

Also mesh is so last century, I make things in zesh using Zebrush!

Peoples! You got to get with the times!

Another thing…. I have never used so many exclamation marks ever!!!!!!!!!

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