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I played a game called Fable 3 and in that game was a guy called Reaver who owned Reaver Industries. I just loved the sound of that and thus Eros Deus Industries was born – E.D.I for short.

So here I am hoping to create stuff once again for virtual worlds, at this moment my focus isn’t on creating anything particular, I don’t really want to shove myself in a particular field. Imma just make stuff for fun and then hopefully get into the nitty gritty of it all, and have my own store in InWorldz and hopefully in OpenSim too.

I have a group called ‘The Love Below’ in InWorldz so if you’re interested please join. I can’t guarantee when I will eventually start churning out stuff to sell, but you can join the group for a chat about anything really or even advice.

You never know, I might even make a library of free stuff, if it encourages people to join virtual worlds I’m all for it.

Now that mesh is just round the corner and already on the beta grid in InWorldz, my creative desire has returned. Imma confess something here… I always hated sculpties, it was just a crude substitute for real 3D modelling. Yes I know many a beautiful thing was made with sculpties but I just hated making things out of them.

I personally found sculpties cumbersome and that on top of me having the attention span of a goldfish, plus the whole sculptie thing with blender was just another nightmare in itself, especially that dreaded user interface. I just threw up in my mouth!

Mesh just allows total freedom of expression, no primmiestars or python scripts to find and then insert into folders and all that foot stomping annoyance, no more sculpting just spheres, cubes, cylinders til you’re blue in the face.

Pure unadulterated 3D objects straight into your 3D world albeit in collada format. You can also convert files into collada and then upload, so it’s not much of a big issue.

Who knows what tomorrow brings, if it brings sunshine then I’m happy.