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The new InWorldz welcome area has been revealed! So have all the secret teams, BTW I am still sulking about not knowing any members!

Anyhoo, all the designs and areas created have been wonderful, delightful and amazing. Plus the other additional areas are not going to be scrapped but utilised as discussed by Elenia (one of da founders) right here in post # 5.

These welcome areas will elevate the newcomer experience further because it goes to show the commitment being put in to make InWorldz a place to be virtually. A lot of hardwork is being done behind the scenes and slowly but surely new innovations are being added like the Dreamshare project and so forth.

InWorldz already has the most active users outside of SL as reported by Maria Korolov here (under the popularity sub-heading). The boisterous community is always willing to help anyone so… you want to build, create fashion, landscape but don’t know where or how to start….. just ask, it’s a lot easier than rubbing a Genie out of a  lamp and hoping for 3 wishes!

A quick look at the InWorldz Welcome Area…..