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Down in InWorldz…….there’s a top secret project happening. Teams are forming and being ushered in to re-build the InWorldz welcome area aka IDI. This is so secret that members of each team are not allowed to discuss anything to anyone outside of their team.  Some info from the official forum here.

From what I gathered from my crack team of spies and ninjas throughout InWorldz, each team member will have an anonymous avatar, so that anyone spying like me will not know who that person is ?!?!? You read it here first, depending on how truthful my ninjas and cloak ‘n’ dagger spies are.

I have tried snooping around, coaxing people to confess and generally being nosey but the only answer I’m really getting is…’I dunno it’s a seekrit’!!!!!! I even tried bribing someone with a few apples and that didn’t even manage to get me any info. Heck! I even tried the official forum here and I’m non the wiser.

It seems it’s a lot easier to prise open a safe at Fort Knox than find out the secret shenanigans happening to IDI.

It’s very exciting to know changes are being made to the welcome area, newcomers will get a far better insight and knowledge to further enhance their experience in a virtual world known as InWorldz. One of the great facets of this virtual world is the unique and vibrant community that is always helpful.

Nevertheless I shall not be defeated in uncovering the uncoverable and will blurt out any news I get about the IDI re-build project.

I might even have to wrestle one of the founders to get the hot gossip, I’ll go for Tranq because I reckon Elenia will easily beat the living daylights out of me!

With Tranq, I’m sure a choke-hold will definitely give me some answers. Nobody knows the sacrifices and pains I go through reporting ‘news flashes’ about virtual worlds *sulks*

But until then…who knows what’s happening to IDI, it’s all hush-hush…….and I dunno!