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I have been away so so long. Missed InWorldz, missed my blogging, missed everything. Missed a lot of action happening in InWorldz. The only thing I ever did was post random stuff on the official InWorldz forum, on a thread titled ‘nothing’. Speaks for itself really.

So much to do, so much needs doing,  I LOVE IT!

My current project in InWorldz is making a machinima based on the seedy life of the Underworld sim. I have scenarios circulating around my head, I have also the members of The Forum Cartel group providing me with fresh ideas too. The only thing is that I want this machinima to be awesome. Now here is the fantastic thing… I have spoken, ok emailed a real life DJ who’s music I love and he has given me permission to use his tune in the machinima!!!!

Please give your love and support to DJ Sam Frenic and his awesome tunes on youtube and his website. Feel free to subscribe and comment 😀

Oh some stuff on the InWorldz group known as The Forum Cartel ~ it’s just a group of big chatters and residents who just wanna hangout together. There is a little club house for our gatherings, natterings and gossipings. If you would like to join in the insanity, please feel free. You may even get drafted into my crazy projects.

The Underworld sim has also residential and commercial spaces for rent too. So if you would like it to be your home/role-playing place or business, please speak to Chopper Gurbux in Inworldz via IM or notecard.

a few pics of the afore-mentioned sim……