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Congrats to InWorldz and all the generous hearted residents……

Why? I hear you say? Well…..  An InWorldz fashion fair headed by Constanza Amsterdam took place between the dates of 18th to 26th August 2012 in collaboration with an auction held by Jeri Rahja and a fashion show by Raven Dulce of InStylez modelling agency to help raise money for St Jude research childrens hospital, an organisation that helps treat children with cancer and other diseases.

Also would like to thank Tibette Rozenbaum for the fireworks and all the entertainers involved.

The core team compromised of Constanza Amsterdam, Cataplexia Numbers, Tiana Genesis, Carnage Genesis, Soror Nishi, Mike chase, Balpien Hammerer and not forgetting myself who headed the entertainment schedule.

All I’m gonna say is that the whole money raiser event was a WIN! WIN! The people that I worked with where amazing and fun – I just loved them. We just got on with our jobs and did what was part of our responsibility to make this IWFF a success and raise as much money as we could to benefit St Jude. The 4 sims that this glorious event took place on was donated by the founders of InWorldz.

Through hard work from the team core members and the fantastic community of InWorldz we had reached 500,000k Iz just past the mid-way point of the fund raiser, and then Tranq quipped about willing to wear a pink mankini should we ever reach the magic million. WELL! If that isn’t a throw down I don’t know what is! The gloves where off!

We took the challenge and we tweeted, IM’d and sang like hell hath no fury, trying to raise the million mark. Huge concerted effort was made and the community just poured in with generous donations from all corners.

After the closing ceremony we all sat back and waited and waited and waited until Elenia announced here that we actually hit over the 1 million Iz threshold. I for one jumped in the air in RL and shouted YES!

Since then Tranq has gone into hiding, so please if anyone finds him programming in C++ under a rock give him a poke and remind him he has to walk around InWorldz in a Borat style mankini HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!