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I generally like to keep my blog upbeat and positive with an occasional whinge but sometimes a thing irks you so much you just got to blather it out.

Many moons ago, I came across an article where the person claimed that those who use Second Life are broken! After reading a few sentences I just totally dismissed the article as pure inflammatory and just a need to gain controversy for more page views!

I read Ener’s blog here and she touched up on someone disagreeing with the term ‘broken people in second life’ here. The memories of the original article inflammed me again and I just have to vent by saying…

I totally disagree with a statement of ‘broken people’ are in VW’s. As a matter of fact, I find that statement insulting and offending by whoever had posted it originally.

I am not broke in any way, yet I find the metaverse fascinating and a huge learning tool. It is on SL that I learnt how to build 3D objects, clothes, buildings etc etc etc.. I continue that now in InWorldz and hopefully on Open Sim too.

Many use the metaverse for fun and learning and are not ‘broken’ nor is anyone with any disability or illness broken!!! The person who first wrote that needs to get down from their obnoxious high horse.

The person who wrote that article and those who agree are perhaps like piles of broken crockery but there’s no need to associate the rest of us with their broke-selves. I haven’t named the original author of the stupid article as I’m sure they’ve had their 15 minutes of fame by insulting us!