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Whenever I read Maria Kolorov’s blog, I just want to create my very own virtual grid. I just get teased and poked by her blog everytime!

I have a concept in my head, a strategy and a direction I would like to go. I’m not going for total world domination, well not yet, but I would love to see what my vision and ideas can bring to the metaverse.

Saying all that is fine and dandy but I do foresee a stumbling block or three…

I love being Eros Deus in virtual worlds and I totally love my avatar. The only problem I see of being a founder of a new fandangle grid, is that people want to see a real ID. The residents want to have a feeling of safety and security with their investments.  Therefore me just being a virtual entity might not give them the reassurances they need. This can even lead to the grid having no residents at all  *YIKES*! It’s all about trust.

The other question I have is pricing. Upon reading Maria’s blog, I seen a myriad of hosting companies, but I am rather confused. I personally would like to offer my residents solid High traffic regions with minimum 30k prims, yet the pricing I see is $90 by hosting companies but on the metaverse these regions are for sale from $60-$75 USD (OSgrid, AVN, InWorldz).

So I’m thinking is this $90 charge by the sim hosting company due to the one sim being solely on a dedicated server and not having to share with other sims?

As you can see at the moment my virtual grid is rather hypothetical, but you never know…. It all depends on the the answers I seek. I will perhaps in the future set something up like a mini trial version grid.  I know it will be fun and I hope you will join me in this little fun journey, when it happens (smiles).