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InWorldz going intergalactic on the metaverse! This is not just any virtual world, this will be a world full of resident creativity and vision.

Right at this moment an amazing animation competition based on vintage dances has been announced and everyone including those who have never ever done animation before, are busy fiddling away with Qavimator/Avastar. It’s not just animations that are welcomed anything that will fit within the theme like 50’s vintage clothing, and anything you would like to showcase from the 50’s.  More info at the InWorldz forum here, feel free to ask any further questions.

It really doesn’t matter if you have a place in Open Sim or Second Life and you feel passionate about those worlds, it’s cool, I have a registered account both in SL and OSgrid. InWorldz is open to you and you can come in, ask questions, resolve your curiosity and fully participate in anything you so desire.

So far what’s trending in InWorldz… Scenic Sims and Animation Event.

The wheels are in motion, an Inworldz Events group has been formalised by Elenia Llewellyn (one of the founders) and it’s brimming with creators, builders, artists and entertainers. The current event will be one of many exciting projects sponsored by the founders, it brings excitement, being able to socialise freely with other residents, make new friends and most importantly have some fun.

Remember, in InWorldz we are only an IM away (smiles).