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A long time ago, I applied for a job in the real world and all went well until I did an Ishihara eye colour test. The tester was telling me to say what I see within certain cards, all I saw was a jumble of dots, she looked angry and kept on poking me as if to say she didn’t believe me.

At the end of the test she told me I could have an eye colour deficiency. I didn’t get the job due to my eye test being a total fail. Ishihara test was developed by Dr. Shinobu Ishihara.

Only recently I decided to find out what colours I have trouble seeing or just can’t see! What brought this on where a few incidents.

First major incident was when I bought a jacket which to me was silver-ish, as I wore it around the place people told me what a lovely green jacket I have. GREEN! No it’s silver-ish! I kept on saying, eventually when most of the worlds population told me it was green, I admitted defeat!

Second major incident was when I spilt some juice on a sofa and I thought it just soaked in or quickly evaporated. I kept quiet about it, as it was an expensive cream coloured sofa, until members of my family quipped ‘did you spill some juice?’. My mind was telling me ‘how could they know just deny it’, so I croaked a very weak ‘no’.

I had angry eyes focused on me and was told ‘how can I deny it  when I’m sitting next to a large red stain on the sofa, acting all innocent and in my hand I have a large glass of juice?’.

Honestly I could not see the large juice stain on the sofa, I looked and looked again and it was like invisible to my eyes! Then someone jokingly said ‘are you blind‘, it hit me like a sledgehammer and I realised, I just could not see it at all and I sulked away but I drank my juice though.

It can get upsetting, especially shopping and you’re embarassed to ask someone ‘what colour is this?’. There are times when I’m at a shop trying to figure out the colour of an item, I’m holding it close to my face and sometimes 2 colours start flashing in front of my eyes, as my brain is trying to work out what it is – is it blue or is it green, is it pink or is it purple, purple or red!?! If I stare at it long enough, my eyes start to go funny.

You may think what’s this got to do with virtual life, well everything! We colour and texture our 3D world and then you find me staring at something scratching my horns. So if you see me  in InWorldz, SecondLife, or Open Sim, staring at something for ages, yes I am wondering, trying to figure out the colours, so just come over and discreetly let me know by going ‘yeah I do believe it’s a lovely shade of pink *hint hint*’. This is why I like bright colours, they give me no trouble at all but as we go into the issues of hues then I just totally give up.

So finally, I wanted to nail this for once and for all! Therefore I did an online Ishihara eye test and found out that my eye colour deficiency is known as Deuteranomaly.

Deuteranomaly (most common — 6% of males, 0.4% of females):

These individuals have a mutated form of the medium-wavelength (green) pigment. The medium-wavelength pigment is shifted towards the red end of the spectrum resulting in a reduction in sensitivity to the green area of the spectrum. Unlike protanomaly the intensity of colors is unchanged. This is the most common form of color blindness, making up about 6% of the male population. The deuteranomalous person is considered “green weak”.

For example, in the evening, dark green cars appear to be black to Deuteranomalous people. Similar to the protanomates, deuteranomates are poor at discriminating small differences in hues in the red, orange, yellow, green region of the spectrum. They make errors in the naming of hues in this region because the hues appear somewhat shifted towards red. One very important difference between deuteranomalous individuals and protanomalous individuals is deuteranomalous individuals do not have the loss of “brightness” problem. [Wikipedia]

The test I took is here just scroll down the site and see if you can determine stuff within the dotted colours, I totally failed, please let me know in comments how well you did.