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This blog was inspired by the comments of Ener Hax here, please checkout her blogs, I have learnt so much about Opensim from this wonderful lady and she still hasn’t told me what poutine is?

She was blogging about has love been removed from Linden Labs and I replied by stating that it is inevitable in a corporation that desires nothing more than cold hard cash.

Phillip Rosedale left SL and became part of an organisation called ‘The Love Machine Inc’ in which people work together and/or find work.

Coincidentally, I set-up something similar, and is also the heading of this very blog, a movement that’s called ‘The Love Below’, no I’m serious, we need to bring back the love and enjoyment of being and working together, as help, support or get involved in collab projects. Just like we did in SL circa 2007, just like we are doing in InWorldz 2012 and Opensim. But we are still fragmented, there is no major cross-over involvement between residents of different worlds.

Actually we are kinda doing this on twitter, citizens of the metaverse joining the nym guild created by Miso Susanowa and tweeting together here on Tweenk, just for pure fun and silliness.

My ‘Love Below movement’ is all about stopping people shaking fists at each other and hating others because they are in a different virtual world. Let’s work together for a better metaverse. There are times where I’ll post gripes say about Linden Labs but that’s about the organisation and it’s unpopular decision making execs and not about the platform or it’s residents.

Residents from Opensim, InWorldz and Secondlife coming together and visiting each other, enjoying each others company, creativity and friendship at each others virtual home, isn’t that fantastic!

So yeah ‘The Love Below’ group and people are at nymworldz and is for like minded people who love, laugh, learn and do all things virtual. At this moment in time  the movement is very small, but you know the saying ‘from small acorns grow mighty oaks’. Please join if you’re feeling the love and would like to share or participate. It doesn’t matter what virtual world you’re from, what’s important is, do you want to share the love!

Do you believe in the love or has it gone?