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I was browsing the blogs of the metaverse when I came across the mentionings of a Linden, throwing his toys out of the pram here about why he wasn’t hailed!

Perhaps this issue really isn’t all that important, or worth the trouble to integrate. So far, only one designer has responded with one test garment. Let me be clear – the lack of test material is a major blocker for testing, and therefore accepting, this proposed feature. If you want it, step up and do it soon.” [Oz Linden]

The not-so-great and unwise Oz Linden, the mighty wizard of Second Life asked for all creators to submit mesh clothing to be tested and only a few days later, sounded very condescending towards the creators of SL for not being inundated by a gazillion mesh offerings!

This announcement of all the communication channels available to SL, was made in a Jira piled under many other comments, I presume, as with the cry-off. So how many creators are going to look at a Jira for SL announcements! How many residents of InWorldz and OSGrid look for a special request on Mantis?

Reading the follow-up comments of SL residents, I just could not help realise that the general opinion of this man is not very nice, from his very statement I’ve picked up on his arrogance and bad attitude.

What this Linden does not realise is that creators cannot make mesh items within days of an announcement, I  am a creator, I know how long things take to make. So crying, stomping and making veiled threats about lack of responses only within a few days is just childish and immature.

There’s another thing that baffles me, Linden Labs employ people to make a viewer hated by most, pay coders and developers to make silly games like Adventure Jungle thingy or Crystal whatever but they can’t invest a penny of their own money to develop a mesh deformer? This thing was funded by the residents mostly being creators and paid to an ex-linden!

I always hear the wonderful residents of Second Life being jerked over by Linden Labs but I have one thing to say.. Open Sim developers and the founders of InWorldz are breathing down the necks of Linden Labs! Pushing to give residents of the Metaverse an alternative choice, a virtual world without Linden Labs! Do not be dissuaded by myths about Open Sim or InWorldz, come see for yourself and experience a new world, new horizons and greater freedom and appreciation at a fraction of the price.

Open Sim are on the crest of Hypergrid 2.0, allowing a more secure environment for content and merchants. Simpler and easier methods are created and being developed to access the HyperGrid like ‘Sim  on a Snap’ technology, for further info please read my blog titled ‘Open Sim on a Snap!’. Both Collada mesh and media on a prim are also available on Open Sim.

InWorldz with a small team is pushing the boundaries and capabilities of virtual experience to the extreme. Phlox script engine both fast and technically advanced. 50 avatars per sim, 45,000 prim allowance and no grey goo. Prim sizes from 0.01 to 256m. Upscale of serverware/software/hardware to ensure a stable world. Soon the introduction of an amazing physics engine – Nvidia PhysX, which is already established in mainstream PS3/Xbox/PC games. Implementation of physics is already underway with all the ground work completed.

The rest of the Metaverse is already an option for many and I being one of those many!