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InWorldz is my fave grid, that is without a shadow of a doubt, excellent community and wonderful founders, it is my virtual home for now and a very longtime. But  I have always  been teased, tantalised by blogs and tweets about Open Sim from both Maria Korolov and Ener Hax.

It took me ages to get sim-on-a-stick working and it was due to a firewall which I replaced – found out through trial and error and a world of frustration. So if anyone gets a ‘port exception error 9000’, it’s your firewall.

Open Sim on the other hand looked like a technical nightmare! You know like, you got to configure the SQL database then fiddle with the ports and then re-calibrate the flux capacitor and eventually after 40 days and 40 nights of blood, sweat and tears, you get access!

No matter how much Maria explained in her blog, I just failed at every attempt! I still don’t know how to comment on her blog and she explained that to me a few times over twitter LOL. Recently Maria posted about getting on Open Sim like a snap here. So I gave it a try and hoped for the worse, and you know what? I was on the Open Sim network in less than 2 minutes! YEAH! I couldn’t believe it!

The hard work was done by New World Studios, after everything fires up, you click on your viewer, add in the loginuri, give the grid name as ‘localhost’ and you just enter your name, password and before you know it, you’re on Open Sim with 4 regions (megaregion)!

You have the option to go public or not, and as I like to take baby steps, I chose my Open Sim grid to not go public. I’m still not technically avert to the Open Sim way, so didn’t know what going public would bring. I understand there’s a lot of security issues regarding Open Sim, so I am a bit pensive.

Below is a pic to prove it did happen (smiles). I look like I’ve been zombified! [click to enlarge]. Hmmmm… all I need to do is add Horns!