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Fresh off the press! Yep I don’t miss a beat! We have a new official Events Coordinator in InWorldz. I do believe below is the first ever pic, I took a sneaky shot when she sat down at Inworldz welcome centre hehehe (and she doesn’t know it)……

This is what she had to say…

Attention Inworldz Creators

The Inworldz Events Committee proudly brings to you the following


InWorldz Dance On- Dance Off Animation Challenge

Each participant  may submit up to FOUR Dance Animations- 4  Singles Dances OR 2 Couples Dances OR 2 Singles & 1 Couples Dance.
The theme of our event is Dances from the 1930s thru the 1950s. All are welcome to enter, Animators old and new!

We will be using the 4 InWorldz event sims and allowing each participant a space in which they can display their entries and allow people to test and enjoy their dances. They will also be permitted to sell the dances they enter at this time. The dances will be on display from our opening on June 18th until July 2nd. There will be an Opening Celebration on Monday June 18th from 4-6 PM, and a  huge Dance Off, Party & Awards Ceremony on the weekend of June 30th through July 1st and final viewing and sale of dances on Monday, July 2nd. Trophies will be presented to the winner as well as  2nd and 3rd place finishers . The First Place Winner will win the cash prize of 55,000 Izzies.

This is a great way to hone your existing skills as an Animator, or perhaps try it for the first time!

There were so many wonderful dances in that Era, fron the Twist and Lindy Hop to the Jitterbug & Hucklebuck (yes that is a real dance 😀 ).

[application for entry within notecard ]
With all of the media resources we have at our fingertips, there are countless videos out there
showing these amazing dances from our past.

Here are a few favorites of mine that I found on YouTube- It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!!

The Lindy Hop

The Jitterbug

The Jive


The Hucklebuck


The Stroll


The Hop!

The Swim

The Twist

The Jerk

The Cool Jerk

The Pony

I hope these help you- There are many more out there!

An Introduction:
EventsCoordinator InWorldz

Greetings to all!
I will be organizing and planning upcoming events for the founders of InWorldz through the InWorldz Events Committee. I chose to remain anonymous so that no one ever feels that entering events as a creator or performer is a matter of popularity or favoritism. I ask you all to understand and respect that this is in everyone’s best interest.

The InWorldz Events are for all of the people of InWorldz and I humbly encourage all of you to become involved. Help our world flourish with growth, creativity, new paths and fresh ideas! No matter what your path is here (some may be builders, entertainers, consumers or simply here to socialize) you are all an important and valuable part of our community, and as we grow, it is my hope to always feel as if we are a community as we do today.

My job will be an extremely busy and full one with many things to take care of  in order to bring you the best events and entertainment possible. I will need help in the form of volunteers as hosts, performers, decorators and so on. I will also need to maintain a drama-free policy so that we all may function to the best of our abilities. I’m sure most of you would certainly agree with the importance of  this.

As much as I would like to plan InWorldz Events around your personal and group events, that would be a huge stumbling block, as we are growing every day. As these events are here to benefit all of us, I must ask instead for you to plan your events around ours if you feel that an InWorldz Sponsored event may detract from yours.

I hope in the days and years to come, this committee will strengthen and bring great things to the future of us all, and to charities we may work with as well, and that our events will entertain, inspire, and bring us all together.

BTW she has a really long name, so I just call her Eve 😀