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I love Secondlife it has brought us virtual reality and to be able to socialise and express ourselves digitally.  It’s code open sourced and thus creating a metaverse of opensim style platforms.

Linden Labs however are a different kettle of fish! It’s kind of upsetting that they have so many people investing in their portal and yet they continue to ignore their needs. Recently they had an outage, so what do you think the CEO of that organisation actually do….

a) Inform the residents of the real reason of outage and have maintenance crew to deal with problem immediately.

b) Crap his pants!

c) Post lame tweets and joke about the whole issue, insulting all those who spend heavily and lose out financially for a day or two.

It was C! Don’t worry people! I have done some journalism and investigated the real reason why Rodvik Humble was embarassed to inform anyone of the cause of outage.

Thus like Rodvik, I tweeted my findings…..

  • LL servers powered by 60 billion ants. Outage was due to an Aardvark having a snack!

Hey if it’s good enough for Rodvik, it’s good enough for me, unfortunately I don’t see secondlife residents seeing the funny side – Rodvik?