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I am enjoying myself in virtual worlds especially InWorldz more than ever. I am a very passionate fellow and anything I do has to resonate that passion. It is the only way I know how to exude and express myself.

Now as the story goes, many moons ago I had met a lady in InWorldz and she told me  about her passion as a pianist and how she enjoys playing in InWorldz and Secondlife. As a curious soul I attended her piano concert on a very pretty sim called Falathrim. I was mesmerised, the tunes flowed through me and pulsated with each note played, I just closed my eyes and gave in.

One has to acknowledge true talent and beauty, her name in virtual worlds is Prowess Rayna and she has many followers of her music. We are all enchanted by the tunes as they fly across, dance in our ears and sooth our souls.

Only recently the wonderful Prowess Rayna invited me to her performance on the Falathrim sim where I had first become mesmerised. This time the sim was artistically designed by the talented Fuschia Nightfire with a monochrome theme. I knew then I had to make a machinima including both Prowess Rayna’s performance and the artistically inspired sim.

After finishing shooting the footage, Prowess Rayna honoured me with a tour, I must say that it had been the most fun I had in a virtual world for a while. I then truly understood the magic a virtual world can bring with the right ingredients. We wore zebra style skin and explored, I just started taking a few quick snaps and I also did a video shoot to capture the fun.

I hope you enjoy the pics and the quick shot video below…..