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I have a little cosy mayor’s office in New Orleans sim in InWorldz and due to time constraints I don’t have the time to build and texture my own furniture. It is slightly bereft so thus I wanted something in a hurry and lots of people recommended me to the OpenSim Creations website, which was awesome. So many freely available stuff enough to dance and jump around in glee.

I came across a ‘Vintage Table Blue’ which got  downloaded on my lappy as a compressed rar file, I then duly extracted it  using 7-zip which gave me the xml file in a relevant named folder.

I then proceeded to upload the xml file and what I got is not what I expected or wanted!

The texture is wiped clean, and it’s a lump of mess. I waited ages for it to ‘rezz’ but to no avail. Somewhere along the lines it kind of got messed up. I uploaded the xml file using IWV and Imprudence 1.3.2 both gave same result.

If anyone knows the solution please comment, your help is much appreciated (smiles)