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Ever notice default midday light settings makes your pictures dull with ugly shadows like this..

Want them slightly brighter like this..

Windlight settings is your friend (smiles)..

On your client click on World -> Environment Settings -> Environment Editor -> Advanced Sky.

Then as indicated by pic below..

[Click to enlarge pics for close-up view]

Click Atmosphere tab. Change Distance Multiplier to 0.8


Next click the lighting tab and as indicated in the pic below..

Set the Sun/Moon slider to 0. This removes the ugly shadows and set the rest of the sliders to the settings within the red highlighted boxes i.e Scene Gamma to 1.12 etc..


You will probably notice the sky has gone bright white and clouds are hardly visible.

We then click on the Clouds tab. Set Cloud XY/Density D=0.22 and Cloud Scale=0.9 just like the pic below.

There you have it.. a Bright Day…

This is not a definitive guide but  hopefully something that will encourage you to play and experiment  with your windlight settings.

Feel free to make one of your own by clicking on New then give it a name and then click on Save.

If you made an awesome windlight setting I would love to hear from you.

You may not be able to do all this if your system specs are not High or Ultra on the client graphics setting. Make sure shaders are checked on.

This tutorial was done on an Ultra setting on the client.

Try this quick tip – to just shoot bright portrait pics simply wack the Sun/Moon Position slider to 0 and increase Gamma Scene slider to required brightness level and tweak ambiance if necessary.