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You can call me names, you can make fun of my horns and hooves but one thing you don’t do is mess with my ego! That’s when I say enough is enough and I’m about to deliver a running dropkick on ya’. And yes I have drop kicked a person or three in real life for messing with  …’The Ego’.

My ego I would describe as the size of a giant planet and that’s being totally modest. First of all I would like to say in my defence that I’m a very quirky person and that I approach things in different tangents which leads to a lot of confusion and misunderstanding, but once you know my inner workings you will see that my intentions/objectives are pretty darn good erm most of the times anyway (smiles).

The story about my ego being hurt unfolds like this…

A fair while back I was approached by some inworld magazine owners asking me to have a column where I can post articles. I jumped at the chance and said let’s do it! They told me my first article would be to introduce myself, I went ahead, completed the intro article  and handed it over.

After the owners read the article they sent me a message saying that was not what they wanted. I was dazed, so I said you wanted and I delivered then I understood what the issue was, the article was rather too glorifying about me and may have outshone many of the other biographical columns in comparison.

So they changed the article requirement and I then re-hashed it, sent it, and was then told that it would be published in the next issue. On the 11th hour it got pulled out. The reason given this time was my style did not imbue the style of the magazine.

I was rather sad, I felt that instead of understanding the way I portray things, I just got rejected. Some time later, I met the owner of the magazine and asked curiously how it was going, judging by the way I received the reply, I took it that it wasn’t doing so well. I was then asked (again) would I like to join and bring some fresh impetus but this time I was rather reserved in my enthusiasm.

You know the saying once bitten twice shy. Thus I asked for a more hands on approach, a more authoritive role on the editorial board because if something is going to carry my name it can’t look like a bag of spanners! Quite frankly the  previous editions of the magazine where a bit of a damp squib, boring and lacklustre. For me as a chief editor, I would make sure it appealed in quality and content.

So I was told, I would be contacted once the magazine was given a fresh facelift. Was I contacted? Was I heck! Instead I got rejected – twice for the same bloody  magazine! By then my ego had enough and I decided to give this magazine the ol’ two finger salute and never willingly be part of it now or any time in the future. I have an ego to protect, it maybe large but it’s very delicate.

In days shortly after, my real life was taking over. My sim was my virtual pride and joy and due to not being able to focus and have time to build on it, I decided it was for the best that I sell it, It was a very very sad time for me.

Whilst hopping around hither and thither in InWorldz consoling myself, I came across a lady that gave me a free shop because her sim was devoid of anyone  except one store renter, I swear I heard crickets and saw tumbleweeds blowing around. She said that she just wanted me to be on her sim as she would just love some company.

So I took action and then advertised, pleaded, and begged for people to open shops next to mine so that atleast I’ll have some company too. I did this, she did this, and before you know it the whole mall area was heaving, all the store spaces where gone and she had such a demand, that she created a second space for store rentals.

But you know I was still reeling from selling my own sim and then I saw a message on the InWorldz forum by a guy called Quezz Burton who I met and featured in one of my machinima videos. He was advertising for people to join his team and help fashion the sim to being one of the premier sims in InWorldz, based around the gay scene. Before you can blink, I applied, got interviewed and got appointed as…. PRESIDENT of Rainbow City. Why as a president? Well my ego didn’t want anything else (oo’er) plus I believe I could bring some fun and enjoyment.

I was extremely happy having my own coffee shop, chatting with visitors when all of a sudden I got an IM from the mall owner lady and she said she is throwing me out of the shop and having my stuff put on carts! I was bloody mortified! I was more like WHAT THE HEEBEEJEEBEES! I couldn’t believe I was being thrown out like a rubbish bag onto some poxy carts! No way! I would rather pack my stuff and leave than get insulted like that, you see… I HAVE AN EGO THE SIZE OF YOU WOULD NEVER BELIEVE!